September 2012
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6 Sept – Leave New Haven

7 Sept – Arrive So. Bend, IN

8 Sept - Arrive Appleton, WI

10 Sept – Head to Yellowstone Natl Park, WY

11 Sept – Stop at Badlands, and Custer’s Last Stand Nat’l Parks

12 Sept – Arrive Yellowstone, WY

15 Sept - Depart to Banff, Alberta Canada

17 Sept – Take guided audio tour through Banff Nat’l Park towards Jasper Nat’l Park

18 Sept – To Glacier Nat’l Park MT

19 Sept – boat tour in Glacier Nat’l Park

20 Sept – drop off at Missoula MT and continue to Seattle and Bainbridge Island, WA

24 Sept – Return to Missoula MT head to Mt Rushmore S.D. Stop to see Crazy Horse

27 Sept – Return Appleton WI

28 Sept – Ferry Across Lake Michigan – Manitowoc WI to Ludington MI

29 Sept – Continue to Detroit – cross into Canada to Niagara Falls

1 Oct – return to Hamden CT

Did you know?

Yellowstone is a trip of a lifetime. I had only thought of "Old Faithful", but it offers so much more. This huge caldera has multiple bubbling pots, geysers, and walk ways to visit them. One of the largest Buffalo herds roams freely throughout the Park. You can see them up close and personal (but safest from the confines of a car or Motor Home). One looked me in the eye as he crossed my RV path. There are wolves, bear, elk, deer, otters, birds, and amazing vistas with waterfalls (and artists).

Client Testimonial

It's always an adventure traveling with Eileen. Being loaded onto the front of the Ferry, facing open water took some getting used to, but when she opened up the cheese and crackers and libations for the group everyone forgot their anxieties and enjoyed the trip home across the Sound to Bridgeport CT. [scroll down]