Sun'n fun, Lakeland FL

April 2018
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Leaving Hamden, to arrive in Orlando, and on to Lakeland for the Sun'n Fun expo. 

This year's Thunderbirds performance was cancelled due to an earlier accident involving one of the pilots Multiple aerial acrobatics provided thrills and chills to the audience. The daily "dog fights' of the world war II "War Birds' with pre-set explosions representing bombings always alerts the guests of the oncoming show.. Saturday morning sunrise is always the time for the balloon liftoff. As many as 30-50 hot air balloons fill the sky in the "fox and hound race". Wednesday and Saturday evening provide spectacular after dark versions of the day time shows, and allow you to follow the plane(s) movements by the flares at their wing tips. Many set off fireworks while they perform their routines. The night shows always end with a spectacular fireworks display - rivaling those at Disney just a few miles east.

Volunteering is great fun. You get to see it all, for free. We will take our time in both directions visiting friends and family on the return trip at Myrtle Beach, and Wilmington DE before arriving back in Hamden.

Did you know?

If you volunteer for 20 hours per week you can have free admission every day and next year when you volunteer again you can receive free camping too....

Client Testimonial

It's always an adventure traveling with Eileen. Being loaded onto the front of the Ferry, facing open water took some getting used to, but when she opened up the cheese and crackers and libations for the group everyone forgot their anxieties and enjoyed the trip home across the Sound to Bridgeport CT. [scroll down]