Prince Edward Island by RV

June 2012
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Prince Edward Island;  Canada's smallest Provence.  Spend a night and day at Bar Harbor and Acadia National park before crossing over into New Brunswick where a stop to see the Bay of Fundy is an unforgettable site  - two visits are required there to see the low, and high tides.  These tides are the highest seen on this continent.

PEI offers enchanting vistas, Anne of Green Gables, the greatest number of light houses /per person, PEI mussels, oysters, lobsters and other amazing sea food options.  The Wednesday and Saturday indoor farmer's market offer meats, produce, and wonderful ethnic meals. The coast is breathtaking and the beaches vary from rocky cliffs to sprawling, shifting, sand, A seafood dinner cooked on the beach is a gastronomic delight, with young red foxes watching from beyond the perimeter of the firelight to see if they might receive any left overs.

This enchanted island has no moose to fear on the highways at night, and no snakes to cause concern to hikers on the asphalt paths or hunters for wild mushrooms in the woodlands. Once there is never enough.

Did you know?

Prince Edward Island has more light houses /per person than anywhere else in the world!

Client Testimonial

What an amazing trip. This is one worth repeating. There is so much more to see and to eat. Not possible to experience it all in just one week. Cooking with fresh seafood and beautiful organic vegetables, and herbs can encourage anyone to become a gormet chef.