Long Island

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On Friday evening everyone loaded into Traveling BnB and we took the Bridgeport Ferry to Long Island (RV and all).  

Eileen had selected a a lovely campground near the fork of the island to the east. After breakfast we spent Saturday driving along the southern fork to the lighthouse at the end. There are amazing estates to view from the main road, and some lovely beaches to explore

Sunday morning we broke camp and followed the northern fork along a “wine trail”.  We stopped for tasting and lunch before heading back to Port Jefferson and the ferry home.  We arrived early at Port Jeff and they put us on first so our front bumper was almost at the chain and the open sea.  Quite an experience.  Luckily it was a calm day, and they had blocked the wheels to prevent us from sliding into the sound.

Did you know?

The Amityville Horror House, which is well known from the movies, books, and legends, had to have its address changed multiple times since the 1970's.

Client Testimonial

It's always an adventure traveling with Eileen. Being loaded onto the front of the Ferry, facing open water took some getting used to, but when she opened up the cheese and crackers and libations for the group everyone forgot their anxieties and enjoyed the trip home across the Sound to Bridgeport CT. [scroll down]