East Hampton, MA

May 2013
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  • Spent Friday evening in a friends driveway in East Hampton.
  • Saturday morning drove to Shelbourne Falls and enjoyed the “Flowering Bridge” and the infamous “Pot Holes”.  
  • Next stop Montigue Falls and Book Store. (one of the group could spend hours browsing)
  • On to the Peace Pagoda a lovely Tibetan temple in the middle of MA.
  • Visited a Straw House – build around straw bails and meant to be ecologically appropriate with a HUGE furnace fireplace that heats the entire house – with second floor and basement and needs wood only twice daily.  Also has a composting toilet.
  • After dinner in a Korean./Sushi restaurant we went to Smith College where the campus was lit by luminaries and students entertained acapella singing or playing musical instruments.  

Sunday after coffee we headed to Lilac Land – the private property of Jim Langley who makes available the 306 varieties of lilacs when in full bloom, usually around Mother’s Day.  A total of 8 enjoyed an amazing brunch on tables and chairs from the RV placed under fragrant Lilacs.  Jim allowed me to park the RV on one of the paths dissecting the property.  

  • Mid afternoon the “local” guests had to leave, and we packed up our gear just as the rain started.  Drove home in a downpour.  

Did you know?

After the first settlers arrived about 1664, East Hampton remained a rural, agricultural type community until about 1850 when a boom in manufacturing changed the focus of the local economy. Many mills were built on the Manhan River along with many factories creating items such as yarn, buttons, elastic and other various items.

Client Testimonial

It's always an adventure traveling with Eileen. Being loaded onto the front of the Ferry, facing open water took some getting used to, but when she opened up the cheese and crackers and libations for the group everyone forgot their anxieties and enjoyed the trip home across the Sound to Bridgeport CT. [scroll down]