Solar Eclipse

August 2017
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My client was an elderly gentleman who had previously driven thousands of miles in first a modified van, and later a small (22 ft) class C motor home.  He was quite happy staying in rest areas and/or Walmart parking lots.

Spent the first night in a lovely rest area in Virginia, Second night at “South of the Border” – a highly publicized “tourist trap” with restaurants, casino, arcades, an ice cream parlor, and movie theaters.  The campground is adequate, and has full hook ups.  Client decided to do some laundry while I was preparing breakfast the next morning.  

We continued to Santee SC, and I found the Cracker Barrel Restaurant I had previously contacted to confirm that we could spend the night in their parking lot.  Client was thrilled as we were right on the “line of totality”. We got into the car and toured the area to see other potential viewing areas, and decided that we had the best available.  One other camper spent the night also.  

Early on the morning of the eclipse we opted to eat in the restaurant which was quickly filling with other eclipse seekers.  There was great comradery among the anticipatory parking lot crowd and much sharing and discussing of the home made viewing mechanisms.  (In addition to the purchased “approved” disposable glasses).  

The totality of the eclipse was amazing to see.  A real opportunity of a lifetime.  One couple popped a bottle of champagne and we later learned it was not only their first eclipse, but also their first wedding anniversary.  They had driven from Miami to see it.  There were two other groups from CT – West Haven, and Guilford.  

Amazingly, some cars left almost immediately as soon as the sun began to re-appear.  We stayed to watch it all the way through.  We did get on the road – heading North near 5:00 pm and were soon stuck in slow moving traffic.  I drove ‘til dark, and the remainder of the trip home was uneventful.  It was a pleasure to have a “co-pilot” navigator in the passenger seat.

Did you know?

The path of totality for the Aug. 21, 2017, total solar eclipse was about 70 miles wide and stretched from Oregon to South Carolina. It passed through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Client Testimonial

I sought out Traveling BnB in hopes of getting to a location to see the totallity of a solar eclipse. A previous trip to Canada, years earlier, had been foiled when clouds covered the event. I found Eileens driving skills excellent, and the accommodations more than adequate. I prepared my own lunch and dinner from foodstuff that I had brought from home. It all worked out very well for my special culinary preferences and needs. I remember my response to the pricing was "is that all?"