Cape Cod

September 2010
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A friend at Provincetown offered her driveway for Traveling BnB to camp. We arrived in a pouring rain, but were quickly and deftly parked on the asphalt (as opposed to the wet sand adjacent). Saturday provided far better weather and we took off to see what we could find. We discovered that one can actually camp on the beach of the National Park, if you come prepared with shovel, tow rope, self contained living quarters and a willingness to lower the pressure in the tires to provide more traction for sand travel. (And if there are spaces available as the area for camping is quite limited). We walked many of the trails and drove the roads through the park. There are amazing vistas, and welcoming visitors centers. We unpacked the table and chairs and enjoyed sunset on the beach with cheese, crackers, and libations.

Back in town we had more difficulty reparking the RV adjacent to the house and ended in a rut. No damage, just frustrating for Eileen and an uninhabitable Motor home because of the tilt. The friend offered her home for the night that easily accommodated the 5 of us (including Eileen).T

 We shared our Bagels, lox, cream cheese, red onions, tomatoes, and capers with our hostess before heading back to reality of home.

Other options of Kayaking, whale watching, dunes climbing, and juist people watching make PTown a place to return often.

Did you know?

Provincetown’s Pilgrim Monument, at 252 feet high, is the largest all-granite structure in the nation. It was built to commemorate the Mayflower Pilgrims’ first landing on the shores of what would eventually become the United States. Though Plymouth Rock gets all the attention in the history books, the truth is: the Pilgrims first landed in Provincetown in November 1620.

Client Testimonial

It's always an adventure traveling with Eileen. Being loaded onto the front of the Ferry, facing open water took some getting used to, but when she opened up the cheese and crackers and libations for the group everyone forgot their anxieties and enjoyed the trip home across the Sound to Bridgeport CT. [scroll down]