Our Trips

Sun'n fun, Lakeland FL

Visiting the second largest air show in America; photo of the Saturday morning balloon lift off.

East Hampton, MA

Weekend to East Hampton, MA and surrounding areas.

Rhode Island

Weekend to Rhode Island with a Day Trip to Block Island

Long Island

Weekend trip to Long Island

Cape Cod

A weekend trip to P.Town

Prince Edward Island by RV

8 Day Round Trip to PEI Canada in RV

Solar Eclipse

Chasing the totality of the solar eclipse. Santee SC in an RV

Westward 2016 a 10 week RV exploration

Leaving from the east coast for a southern tour to the west coast.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has seldom been a destination for us, but always a big stop over on our way to points north and west.

Maritime 2015

Photo from Campobello, FDR's retreat.

Bay of Fundy

Maritime, Canada


6 week cross country trip northern route east to west.