Niagara Falls

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Leaving CT and arriving at NY State Fair Ground a little west of Syracuse for the night.

Continuing onto Niagara the next morning.  And visiting the Grand Island surrounded by the Niagara East and West Rivers, also venturing down to the base of the falls via elevator and then on foot.  Clients with  passports can continue on to the Canadian side of the falls for an amazing evening light and music display of the falls.  Spend the night on the Canadian side.  After breakfast we can return to CT or spend a day in Toronto before returning home.  

Price for 4 adults with meal plan 3 days/2 nights all inclusive is $2195. Tax included

Price for 4 adults with meal plan 4 days/ 3 nights all inclusive is 3195.  Tax included

If you prefer the Toronto inclusion, we assume you will want to eat in Toronto, and will reduce the meal plan accordingly.  

No.of People:
No. of Days:
$3195 for 4 adults with meal
$2195 for 4 adults with meal

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