A trip to Block Island with a new twist. GLASS FLOAT SCAVENGER HUNT

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Nine years ago, 550 glass floats (orbs about the size of an orange) were hidden on the island’s beaches and Greenway trails.  Each of these floats is handcrafted, numbered and stamped by the local artist, Eben Horton.  The floats were hidden on the beaches above high tide mark, but never in the dunes or up the side of bluffs, and within one foot of either side of the Greenway Trails.  They appear to be similar to the glass balls found on Pacific beaches that were originally used as floats in Japanese fishing nets.  Most of them are clear glass, but a special few, 20 in 2020, in prettier colors and one entirely of gold leaf.  Check out the website; BlockIslandGlassFloatProject.com

TravelingBnB can accommodate 2 couples, a family of 6 or 6 adults willing to share 3 queen size beds.  We will pick you up at your home, and take you to Rhode Island’s Fishermen’s Memorial State Park and Campground which is within walking distance of the Block Island Ferry at Port Judith, Narragansett, RI.   Spend the rest of the day exploring Fort Nathaniel Greene, part of the Park.  After breakfast the next morning you take the ferry across to Block Island, stop at the Welcome Center and grab a couple of maps to plan your hunt.  We will provide a  taxi and driver willing to take you to your chosen destination- or they may suggest an untapped location.  

Beyond the hunt, there are light houses to visit, beaches and bluffs to enjoy, history to discover, trails to walk and MANY eateries to appreciate.  When you tire of your hunt (or everyone has found an orb), you can catch the ferry back to the mainland and stop at the nearby seafood restaurant or return to Travelingbnb for your preplanned dinner. 

If one day wasn’t enough, you can return again after breakfast, or we can break camp and stop at New London to enjoy a Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Cruise.  These two hour cruises depart at 12:30 daily and provide history and architectural information about 8 or 9 of the close by lighthouses in Long Island Sound.   

A great trip for a family, nimble seniors who enjoy the out of doors, or anyone wanting to experience a break from their daily routine.  The price is all inclusive,  except for meals you may purchase away from TravelingBnB.  Ferry Tickets, taxi on Block Island, and lighthouse tour all included.  Snacks, alcoholic beverages, and sodas are your responsibility.  There is plenty of room to store your preferences in the onboard refrigerator, or underneath in a compartment.  

Pricing is $900/night for two adults including breakfast, lunch and dinner.   All meals are served family style and are selected by you from a previously supplied menu.  There is a $500 reservation /damage fee which is refunded at the end of the trip.  

The driver/cook sleeps and cooks in a small trailer towed behind the RV providing the clients the full privacy of the RV. 

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$900/night for 2 adults including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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